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Longest alligator trapped by Ray the Trapper
Fun Fact #1

The longest alligator relocated by Ray the Trapper was 12 feet. 


That's nearly as long as 18 pencils laid end to end!

Longest Gator trapped by Ray the Trapper

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Answers to Questions from our Lil' Snappers

What was the longest alligator you ever trapped?

The longest alligator I trapped so far was twelve feet long!

What was the heaviest alligator you have trapped?

The heaviest alligator I've trapped was approximately 550 pounds.

How many alligators did you trap last year (2016)?

In 2016, I trapped approximately 100 alligators.

What do alligators eat?

Alligators are opportunist, meaning that any fish, birds, turtles, and small mammals are part of their diet.

What is the most challenging part of being a trapper?

Capturing an elusive animal! They're strong swimmers, quick on land, and extremely powerful! It can take hours to spot, capture and restrain an alligator, depending upon the situation and conditions.

How did you become an FWC Nuisance Trapper?

Having a lifetime fascination with wildlife and all animals, I was actually very lucky. I was on the FWC referral list as a private nuisance wildlife trapper, when I received a letter asking if I'd be interested in joining the Nuisance Alligator Trapping team. From there I later accepted positions with the crocodile and bear programs.